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"Success by implementing solutions"

Welcome to Schick Consulting

Nowadays companies face challenges all the time. They have to change constantly in order to remain competitive. Schick Consulting supports companies from all sectors in the following areas:

  • Finance and Controlling
  • Mergers and Acquisistions
  • Organisation
  • Project-Management
  • Interim-Management

Implementing Solutions

Finding solutionsFor a good reason companies ask for more than just good advice and strategy from a consulting company. Schick Consulting sees through the whole process from analysing a problem to implementing an adequate solution. Schick Consulting is a full service provider: from conceptual design all the way to implementation. A "One-Stop-Shop" for your company.


By seeing through the whole operational process Schick Consulting is able to achieve sustainable successes, which are beyond only providing management insights. Schick is therefore more than just another Consulting company, Schick Consulting is supporting all Management functions.

Successful companies ignore what their competitors are doing. They focus on the needs of their customers and even more important on the needs of their non-customers.

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  • Finding Solutions
  • Implementing Solutions
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